LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
501 ww 6 Harris Albums w/lots of mostly used world wide stamps. $100-200
502 ww Carton of world wide stamps, mostly sorted on dealer sales cards, mostly 20th century. $100-150
503 ww Box of US & Foreign stamps, covers, in album & sorted in glassines, mostly modern. $50-100
504 ww World Wide Mix, box of mostly foreign stamps, covers, some US ephemera, some interesting items. $100-200
505 **/O ww G.B. & Commonwealth, few 1000 stamps sorted on dealer sales cards, 19th & 20th centuries, some duplication. $50-100
506 [c] wwcvr 35 Censored Covers US & foreign, mostly WWII, few WWI. Some usual faults. $50-100
507 **/O wwpac Pacific Islands, 7 albums/stockbooks of mostly modern stamps, Nauru, Norfolk, Papua-New Guinea, Palau, etc. F-VF. $1,200
508 **/O wwrev Foreign Revenues 2 booklets of about 350 mostly diff stamps, good variety of countries. $40-50
509 wws 13 Volume Scott International world wide collection, up to 1970s, nice, clean accumulation. $400-500
510 wws 5 Volume Scott International albums to about 1960. $200-300
511 wwx Large Carton of world wide stamps, mostly in stock books, various country collections, etc, mostly 20th century. $200-300